By the initiative of our university and participation were held
The International Scientific Conferences:

  • The first Tbilisi International Bioethical Symposium – “Surrogate maternity. Spiritual-moral aspects” (March 23rd 2011);
  • The second Tbilisi International Bioethical Symposium – “Bioethical aspects of congenital diseases” (June 14th 2011);
  • “Natural medicine: traditions, present day and perspectives” (April 14th 2011);
  • “Georgia and Turkey: History of cultural relations, present day and perspectives”
    (Was devoted to 90 years anniversary after Ahmed Ozqan Melashvili’s birth) (June 21-24th 2012);
  • Scientific conference, devoted to 800 anniversary after St. Pious King Tamar’s death (February 4th 2013);
  • The third Tbilisi International Bioethical Symposium “Euthanasia in sacral and secular space” (March 14th 2013);
  • “Turkish Georgians – Heirs of United Georgian Culture” (June 3-4th 2013);
  • The forth Tbilisi International Bioethical Symposium “Bioethics of artificial reproduction” (November 12th 2013);
  • The fifth International Bioethical Symposium about the topic: “Family in global space: bioethical context” (May 7th 2014);

Student conferences:

  • “Modernity and sociology” (December 29th 2010);
  • “Characteristics of bioethical mentality and literature: analysis of Jemal Karchkhadze’s story: “He” (April 19th 2011);
  • “Psychotherapeutic problems and Church teaching” (May 17th 2011);
  • “Save a Life” – problems of pre-birth maternity (June 7th 2013);